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Dec 30

Matt Morrell - History of Love

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Today’s jam comes from Virginia native Matt Morrell.  Currently recording and performing in New York, Matt’s Indie-rock style is reminiscent of Bright Eyes, or a less grungy Two Gallants.  This track is called “History of Love,” and is off his upcoming album, “Evette.”  Evette is currently available for download from Amazon, and will see a physical CD release date of 1/13/2009.

Check out Matt Morrell’s website for more information:

Dec 19

Solarosa - Del Ray

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Our next track is from the New Zealand band Sola Rosa. They’ve kindly donated “Del Ray” from their upcoming album “Get It Together,” which is due for release in early 2009.  The track is also available for free from their website,, so definitely head on over there and get a copy if you like it!

Sola Rosa started as a one man show, and now boasts members from some other successful bands like Fat Freddy’s Drop (highly recommended),  and Pluto (also highly recommended).  They’ve got a unique, latin nu-jazz sound in today’s track, so definitely give it a listen.

Check out Sola Rosa at @solarosa, their website, bandcamp, iTunes, or Amazon MP3.

Dec 15

The Snake Charmers - Can’t Trust A Heart

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Today’s track, Can’t Trust A Heart is from The Snake Charmers‘ December 2008 release “Been Gone Too Long.”  The Snake Charmers are a Houston, TX local blues band, with styles ranging from blues, to swing, to rock.

You can catch The Snake Charmers on twitter, their homepage, or right here by clicking on the embedded player (click the title of this post if you don’t see it).

Here’s the track:

Dec 11

Signal Hill - Celadon

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Hey everyone, thanks for listening!  This submission comes from a Los Angeles based instrumental rock/jazz group Signal Hill.  The track is called Celadon and is from their 2007 self-titled debut EP.  I like this track’s instrumental ebb and flow.  It’s almost reminiscent of Minus the Bear’s instrumental interludes on their Menos El Oso album, but with less of an electronica flair.

Hit up and purchase some Signal Hill music on CDBaby, iTunes, or check out their website,

In the meantime, take a listen to this track!

Dec 10

Podcast Approved

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Our podcast got officially approved today.  We’re now accepting music submissions!

We’re looking for relatively high production quality, original music of all genres.  Our podcast aims to maintain a pretty wide spectrum of music - the only thing that qualifies your music is it has to be original, and it has to be of a good recording quality.  The software you use doesn’t matter, the genre isn’t an issue, it just has to sound decent.  Piece of Cake, right?

Submission Process

Distributing music couldn’t be easier.  Simply send us an email with your song title, a description of you and your band, a description of the song, and your mp3 format file (or a link to it if it’s rather large).  We listen to your track, send you any necessary feedback (”hey, the volume is too low, can you boost it?”), approve the song, upload it to our mega-bandwidth servers in the cloud, and put your new music out on the internet!  All with one, simple email. Pretty simple huh?


Obviously, we’re not here to screw anyone.  Think of us as the CDBaby of podcasting, only, we’re free.  You give us the non-exclusive right to distribute your music via podcast, royalty free. Non-exclusive means that you can also distribute via any other mechanism with anyone else at any time! You retain all copyright, ownership, and liability for your song, we simply are your free vehicle to get your music out there and on iTunes and the internet.

If, at any time, you’d like us to stop distributing your music, simply send us an email, we’ll take the song off the feed, and that’s it - no hassle.

Dec 9

The Ryans - The Rehab Story

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The next cut comes from our April show. It’s the infamous rehab story by The Ryans.