The Band


Originally formed in 2005 in San Luis Obispo, Ryan Du Bois’ jam band has since mutated into an unstructured group of musicians who perform, record, and jam together.  Great importance is given to the freedom of expression and experimentation in the band.

The band originally included the following members (all present on the January 2005 Manner of Speaking album): Ryan Du Bois, Caleb Clarke, and Noah Pritikin.  Formed from an ad hoc, monthly cover jam session (that usually included home-made sushi and booze), the band went on to record an album of originals.


Currently, the band consists of Ryan Du Bois, Ryan Joseph, and Evan Goodwin (with the first two also known as “The Ryans”).  To read a bit about the artists, use the buttons above.

Recording Equipment

MOTU 828mk3 Audio interface
15″ MacBook Pro
Crown XLS 402 Power amp
2x JBL JRX115 15″ 2-way cabinets